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Fitzroy Island

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our crew get asked dozens of questions every day, some quirky some quite intelligent, some just plain entertaining. But as they say, there is no such thing as a dumb question so don’t be too scared to ask. If you don’t find what you want to know send us an email or give us a call on (07) 4030 7990

On the Day

Do you operate daily?

Yes, 7 days a week. **PLEASE NOTE operating dates and departures are subject to change – for live availability please check within the booking cart**

Where do I park?

Parking is available at the nearby Pier Shopping Complex/Shangri-la hotel, located opposite the Reef Fleet Terminal. Hourly cost is from AUD $1.20 for indoor and outdoor parking. All day parking is also available near Trinity Wharf at approximately $3 per day.

Do you have hotel transfers?

Unfortunately we do not have hotel coach transfers available.

Do I need to check in on the day?

Passengers are no longer required to check in inside The Reef Fleet Terminal.  Guests travelling to Fitzroy Island can now check in directly at the vessel based on Finger A, Marlin Wharf. Guests will receive an email and SMS message the afternoon prior to their day of travel outlining everything they need to know. This includes a map of the marina and where the vessels are located as well as messaging about proof of vaccination required.

Can I take a pram on board?

All our vessels are pram friendly. However walks on the island can be rocky and include steps so are not advised when walking. Ask our friendly team on board to store the pram for you (Subject to the vessel being stationed at the Island)

What's in the picnic lunch?

A choice of :

  • Double Smoked Leg Ham, Cheddar Cheese, Dijon Mustard, Tomato and Lettuce Baguette
  • Marinated Chicken Breast, Cucumber, Carrot, Herbed Mayonnaise and Salad Half Wrap

Options include Seasonal Whole Fruit and Carmen’s Chocolate and Cranberry Muesli Bar, Bottled Water and Juice

Dietary options for vegetarian, celiac, gluten, pork free (must call to arrange)

Will I see a turtle? Will I see a shark? What will I see?

The Great Barrier Reef contains thousands of different species of marine life. We cannot guarantee what marine life you will see on your day of travel, however there will be many different species of fish, coral and molluscs.

Giant green sea turtles are found around the Great Barrier Reef and are frequently sighted at Fitzroy Island. Reef sharks are quite common and a wonderful sight to see.


Will I get sea sick?

Hopefully not. This depends largely on the individual. Travelling on our fast, stable boats ensures the smoothest possible ride. If conditions are forecast 15 knots or below it will generally be smooth going.

At 20 knots and above it can get a little bumpy at times however our skippers are skilled in picking the best route to our destination. If you are prone to other common forms of motion sickness such as travelling in a car or plane you may wish to take precautions such as a sea sickness tablet approximately 30 minutes prior to departure for maximum benefit.

What is the temperature of the water?

December-February: 29c, 83f

March-May: 25c, 76f

June-August: 22c, 72f

September-November: 25c, 76f

Is there shelter and shade available?

Yes. The island has plenty of trees inland and spots around the beach to seek shelter. The lyrca stinger suits are great sun protection too.

Booking Information

Can I cancel my tour or change my tour date?

Yes, you can cancel or amend your tour to a different date (subject to availability) if you notify us 24 hours or more prior to travel.
If you need to cancel or change dates within 24 hours of travel a 100% cancellation fee applies
Please note a ‘no show’ (where passengers do not turn up to the specified pick-up point or departure point without notification) automatically incurs a 100% cancellation fee.

Do you ever cancel ?

On very rare occasions, tours can be subject to the effect of weather or unforeseen circumstances. If a tour does not operate for any reason, passengers will be offered a full refund or an alternative day of travel.

Important Booking Conditions

To keep your day as safe as possible there are a few restrictions you should be aware before making your booking:

  • We highly recommend having your own travel insurance
  • Those under 16 must travel with a guardian or parent
  • You must check-in at the Cairns Reef Fleet Terminal located at 1 Spence Street no later than 20 minutes before your departure
  • The beaches on Fitzroy Island are not patrolled by surf life savers
  • Marine stingers are present in tropical waters from November – May and you will be provided with a stinger suit when you hire snorkel gear from us. Should you require a lycra suit for other activities or to snorkel around the island, you will need to pay $10 per adult and $5 per child.

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